Pam Tierney VoiceOver

Your Cool Big Sis - Smart, Funny, Dependable

She's got your back!

Pam and her "little" (now 6' 4") brother Pat

From every project she voices, to every family member and friend, to every new person she meets, Pam's that big sister who'll always have your back, expect the best and take care of whatever you need.

And whether it's telling it like it is, steering you in the right direction or teaching you the best way to make something happen, Pam's got you covered, like only the best big sister would. 

Pam came to performing the way everyone does, she did a triathlon. Seriously! She was in the advertising world in Chicago and after completing her first (but not last!) race, she looked about for her next challenge and zeroed in on acting. Many years of studying and numerous improv, stage and screen performances later, she continues to refine and improve her craft every day.

Her recent activity encompasses a wide range. She has voiced commercials, e-learning, corporate narrations, audiobooks, explainer videos and documentary projects for clients such as Con-Agra Foods, Amgen, Harris Systems, SAP, L'Oreal, and KPMG. She's voiced new product launches such as Next Tier Education and Nutrimom. As the daughter of a Surgeon and an OR nurse, she truly enjoys and most naturally gravitates to projects and scripts with complex scientific and medical language for such clients as Biogen, AbbVie, Enbrel, Neupro and Otsuka. Pam's clients know they can rely on her to bring their carefully chosen words to life in an engaging way that really connects with their audience all the while delivering quality work in a timely professional manner. So much so that the vast majority of her business comes from repeat clients and referrals.

photo of Pam and Bridget looking over family room chair


photo of Mary and big sister Pam
Photo of Pam and Mark

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t: 312.636.3174
f: 773.883.9084

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